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2700 Central

2700 offers 3 luxury, urban residential lofts with 2,500 sq. ft. of retail space.

2700 is currently sold out, but don’t miss our sister project — Ad Lofts — just up the street! Ad Lofts is another creation of MTBH Studios, under our MTB Urban brand, and offers soaring ceilings, exquisite design sense and luxury details befitting a luxury project in the heart of the Grand Central district.
2000 +
Square Feet
0 +
Car Parking

A mix of modern & luxury in an urban loft

  • Soaring 10–20’ ceilings

  • Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors
  • Open steel stairs with concrete treads
  • Custom European cabinets

  • Custom fixtures
  • Private elevator
  • Architectural lighting

Unit A

  • AC Area 4,765
  • Outdoor Living Area 902
  • Total Living 5,667

Units B-F

  • AC Area 2,466
  • Outdoor Living Area 273
  • Total Living 2,739

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2700 Central Ave., St., Petersburg, FL 33712
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